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devops as a service

Linux SysAdmin

About the Job

Teracloud is currently looking for a Sysadmin Engineer who loves technology and making a positive impact! We are a rapidly growing organization and provide great benefits and compensation.

If you are an experienced, hands-on, technology-focused engineer that can adapt quickly and operate in a fun but a fast-paced environment, look no further!


We offer a great opportunity to boost your career taking it to the next level. We believe that our people growth is our company growth. 
We also offer an entrepreneurial environment so if you have your own project its a great opportunity for you too.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities


  • Participate in customer consulting sessions and projects

  • Apply security best practices

  • Migrate workloads to cloud infrastructures

  • Automate everything

  • Provide responsible, timely, detailed status of progress and expectations consulting engagements activities to ensure customer success

  • Provide daily time tracking to adhere to projects timelines.

  • Work with all types of people and ability to communicate with a broad spectrum of

  • Adhere to and/or set standards that allow the organization to continuously improve and implement hybrid architectures

  • Drive to change and constantly improve the service that is delivered to the customer with

Required Skills

  • Minimum of 3 years of System Administration or similar experience

  • Experience working with multiple Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc)

  • Advanced experience granting SSH (working remotely through bastion hosts, tunneling, port forwarding, agent forwarding)

  • A clear understanding of networking, topologies, subnetting, tunneling.

  • Significant experience on shell scripting.

  • Experience with building and administering LAMP and/or MEAN and/or RoR environments.

  • Experience managing MySQL and/or PostgreSQL

  • Experience with DNS and domain registration

  • Clear comprehension of the overall IT infrastructure and application stack.

  • Ability to estimate effort to complete tasks and meet pre-defined objectives.

  • Ability to plan, organize, schedule, and manage activities

  • Good English oral/written skills.

Preferred Skills


  • Experience working as part of the technical delivery team within consulting engagements

  • Experience administering high traffic sites

  • Experience with automation frameworks such as Ansible, Salt stack, Chef.

  • Experience IaaC frameworks like, Terraform and/or Cloud Formation

  • Experience in NodeJs and/or Python and/or Ruby scripting/programming.

  • Experience with major cloud providers.

  • AWS Associate/Pro Certification

  • Other cloud providers certifications are welcome.

  • Must be able to work independently and show excellent initiative

  • Solid understanding of project principles and how to manage the delivery of assigned activities


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