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Protect your web

Vulnerability is the name of the game. Web applications and APIs are attractive targets for web exploits and pesky bots that can take up resources
or cause downtime to your business’s digital presence. They could potentially harm your web application’s availability or, even worse, compromise your security. AWS WAF not only mitigates these risks but gives you even more control over possible vulnerabilities. 


With AWS WAF you can

  • Monitor, block, or rate-limit pervasive bots with your own managed rules

  • Improve web traffic visibility with a clearer view of your metrics


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access rules

Create and edit access to your web applications with JSON code, the visual rule builder, or, if you prefer, use the traditional access rules, use any standard rules by AWS or AWS Marketplace sellers.

Block out  IP addresses with similar behavior patterns and stay safe from  common web exploits


Fester out unwanted traffic

Integrate WAF with Amazon Cloudwatch to overview traffic metrics and combine it with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to broaden the traffic’s specs by editing access rules using metrics and log data  


Protect in real-time

AWS WAF is a powerful web application firewall designed to protect your applications from online threats and attacks, ensuring the security of your digital assets. By choosing Teracloud you'll gain access to our certified experts who will tailor the solution to your specific needs, providing robust protection against evolving threats.


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Teracloud is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner company created by certified cloud experts to migrate and deploying startups, enterprises, and everything in between to the cloud.

Our expertise relies on our experience in security and scaling all kinds of companies in a healthy and efficient manner.

With clients coming in from various industries: airlines, healthcare, education, fintech, retail, and e-commerce we’ve been responsible for designing, implementing, and managing Cloud workloads with HA architecture under 99.999% uptime SLA and PCI/HIPAA compliance requirements.

Experienced in security compliances and good practices.

APN Advanced partner with certified resources

Proactive and leadership attitude team


Tell us about your needs
so we can know
how to help you!

AWS WAF Use Cases


Filter web traffic

AWS WAF allows clients to define rules from incoming HTTPS web requests matched to pre-determined inspection criteria to filter web traffic. Criteria can be
in regard to certain scripts, IP addresses, geographic locations, SQL code, strings, and more. 

Teracloud Success Stories


AWS WAF empowered Worldly to fortify their security infrastructure, protect their workloads from malicious activities, and ensure the uninterrupted delivery of services to their customers.


By leveraging the flexibility, scalability, and insights offered by AWS WAF, Worldly was able to establish a strong defense against evolving cyber threats, contributing to their overall success and continued growth in the market.

Worldly's workloads are accessed by different companies, and it is our responsibility to secure it from malicious activities and exploits.

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