My experience with AWS China

Given the global nature of Teracloud’s customers, we often need to learn new tricks or adapt our practices to different geographical locations. The last several weeks I have been working for a customer who has an application in AWS Cloud with users in both USA and China. The process of setting up the infrastructure to provide an excellent user experience in both locations was not exempt of problems. The aim of this article is to share my experience in this tricky endeavour. You may wonder what is the difference between AWS China and the rest of the regions. To begin you cannot find AWS China in as a region that you can switch to. AWS China is completely separat

Press Release: Pipeline Vulnerability Discovery

How often do you stop to think about the safety of your development tools? Even when these don't intentionally include malicious code, they often use libraries or modules with vulnerabilities. Either because they are linked against old or just plain deprecated versions, or even recent versions with recently discovered flaws that opened a point of attack. Moreover, if your tools are just packed with some bad configurations or too open implementation rules (such as port exposure), you are exposed to security problems, even serious ones. You can unconsciously have been working with outdated, vulnerable Javascript libraries. How can we protect us and our deliverables, and do it in a manner that

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