A security approach: Zoom

Many of us know the application that we will talk about today. During this time that quarantine began to be implemented as a result of the Covid-19, the Zoom video call application had a sudden success with a peak of 200 million video calls per day, thus it gained popularity as it allowed many people to feel more close and that companies and businesses will connect with their employees to develop their activities. However, its popularity only resulted in the application being exposed to attackers willing to take advantage of the security “errors” that constitute this platform. Errors such as: credential errors, malware installation, camera and microphone hacking, Zoom bombing or unauthorized

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Companies evaluate all the characteristics of their candidates, giving priority to those who interest them most when they have a vacancy, but also candidates want to find the job that best meets their expectations in a place that attracts them, so they evaluate the qualities of those organizations where they could get to work. The best places to work are built on the daily relationships that employees experience, and not just through a list of policies and benefits. Building trust, communication, flexibility and teamwork every day are fundamental pillars to feel comfortable and build success. While it is true that there are people who have always known in which branch they would like to work

PCI Compliance in Cloud companies

Cloud security does not have to be a complicated topic. This service includes protection of critical information against theft, data leakage and deletion. It is important to have a provider that offers a wide variety of services that meets various requirements and that provides benefits, such as knowing where the data is stored, who can access it, continuous monitoring, among others, so the company can feel more secure and can focus more in business. In this article, we are going to focus on PCI Compliance in Cloud companies, but first let's clarify what PCI Compliance is. When we work with even more important data such as bank cards, the demands are even stronger and it is essential that ou

Business advantages of adopting cloud services

Since the internet phenomenon, the business world has not seen a transformation of such an impact as the Cloud. This revolution is offering companies great cost savings, both at the IT and maintenance level, helping them expand worldwide. The technology that offers cloud computing is the perfect way to get the best business applications up and running, quickly and efficiently. In addition, there is a growing adoption of the cloud as the main infrastructure platform to provide solutions that involve lower risk and meet the needs of different business areas. Companies should no longer be afraid of adopting this technology. There are many big corporations that provide such services around the w

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