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At least 40% of companies will disappear in the next 10 years if they do not adapt to new technologies

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Many businesses are still using software that doesn’t quite live up to the expectations of a modern business environment. Making the move from on-premise towards cloud adoption is ease and will help to boost your company by building a better infrastructure solution.

Cloud adoption is an agile and scalable way to aim this goal. Migration enable your business transformation not only by freeing up your resources to focus on innovation rather than administration, but also to empower your ecosystem reducing costs, gainning efficiencies and making the most of your existing investments.

AWS can help your organization innovate, reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and improve reliability.


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Benefits of Cloud Migration


Deploy technology services in a matter of minutes.


Ongoing regular expenses - Pay as you Go


Optimize your environment for performance and availability.


Maintain the efficiency as demand changes.


Run different services.


Dynamic and secure future


Do More Faster:
Digital transformation through Cloud

Building modern businesses on AWS will get you to market faster. Your company could be able to adopt services, practices, and strategies that enable to build more agile businesses. With the speed and reliability of modern infrastructure, developers can deliver secure businesses that scale to millions of users automatically, so they can innovate and respond to change faster.

Work with Teracloud in order to modernize your business and be shure to count with running workloads, great serverless operational models, agile developer processes, and 24/7 personal support. Give to your company significant business opportunities.

Start and Grow saving money, moving faster, and integrating on-premises businesses and data in your own organization.

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Build and release better products faster

Cloud Migration Infrastructure is essential now.  A recent survey, involving 1200 IT professionals from different industries, indicates that 80% of organizations will have moved to the cloud by 2025. The pandemic fast-tracked their cloud migration strategies, in spite of accelerated migration to the cloud was already happening several years prior. 


Migrating your business to the cloud helps you prepare for the near future while saving money along the way.


Those who are succeeding with us

A mission-critical app running on Canada an US airports required updating the architecture and the infrastructure. Base on on-premise hardware, our first step was to replace the Docker Swarm clusters with EKS, and taking advantage of Parameter Store, Secrets Manager, System Manager, and other AWS managed services. An additional feature was extend the architecture to distribute app components so some modules can be run inside the airport's infrastructure. Currently 18 airports run in this way, and many more are in process.

A horror story for a data-based startup with a product running over on-premise infrastructure. A hardware failure that broke the kubernetes master nodes beyond recuperation. A race against the clock to migrate the operations and the end-users data to the cloud. We accepted the challenge and faced uncertainty. The result: migration done without data loss and without interrupting end users operations and an extremely satisfied customer.

The customer had a big pain: They needed to scale out their infrastructure in a robust and fast manner when the traffic was high. To achieve this goal, we migrated their applications from Elastic Beanstalk environments to Elastic Container Service.
Previously, the applications were running on EC2 instances managed by Elastic Beanstalk. When high traffic hit the website, it took too much time for the infrastructure to scale and reach the proper size to handle the connections.
We dockerized their Ruby applications and now they run on containers on ECS Fargate.
After the migration of technology, their infrastructure scales 10x faster than before.

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