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Cloud assessment
Simplify your
business in 
the Cloud

Here are some challenges that you could be facing today:


Legacy technology


Policy compliance


Data usability


Security concerns


Downtime & legacy


Burned out devs


What is Cloud Fit?

Cloud Fit is our stellar assessment process where
we learn about your business goals,
find the best 
solution to your Cloud needs
, and unlock potential business opportunities for your company.

Why Cloud Fit?


Learn where you're at

We review your existing systems,
applications, and workflows to 
identify strengths, weakness, 
and areas for improvement, 
and get a broad picture of your 
current cloud infraestructure.


See where you should be

We envision the ideal state 
for your cloud environment
and outline a roadmap that 
easily adjusts to your business 
goals under the knowledge 
gained before.


Plan your journey there

We work side-by-side with your
team to develop a detailed plan
for your Cloud infraestructure.
Outlining the necessary steps, 
timelines, and resource requirement; while staying mindful of possible data
migration, application integration,
and security.

Let's work
with each other

More than simply delivering robust and optimized cloud infrastructure solutions we like to stay close to our customers.
Our team of Cloud Engineers have and always-on approach

for delivering support, cloud monitoring, and providing maintenance for your specific needs.
Let’s connect. Fill out the form with your first name, last name and email for a Cloud Fit call.

Ancla 1

Our Value


A certified team with a Day-1 mindset

A curated architecture design, optimized to industry best practices


A dedicated fleet of Cloud Engineers


Ongoing support and monitoring


A hands-on approach with
our CEO and CTO


Discover the potential of the cloud
with Cloud Fit

Why companies choose Teracloud


"The Teracloud team has become a deep and trusted partner and to this day runs our entire infrastructure. We have been with Teracloud since 2019. We have an extended and continuous engagement with them and treat them like they are part of the team and they work directly with my 50 person development team in Slack, Jira, Confluence etc. Very responsive, highly technical, and great creative partners for solving problems.I don't really foresee a day when we are not committed Teracloud customers.

The Teracloud team has been open and very welcoming to our internal Devops person and
it's just been a great partnership all around."

John Armstrong, CTO Wordly

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