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Be ready to Scale

Better Performance. Cost Efficiency. More Capacity

Doing business online requires a technology infrastructure that can execute transactions, capture and analyze customer data, and maintain data security.

One of the major benefits of choosing cloud architecture is the ability to easily and quickly scale and take your business to the next level.

A scaling cloud architecture can grow and manage the increasing demands of processing, networking, infrastructure, and software from your industry. It can immediately provision or release according to what’s needed.

Keep up with your customer's demands and satisfaction while you become more competitive!

There’s A Better Way To Make Your Business Grow!

By adopting the cloud with Teracloud you get the expertise of our certified Cloud DevOps. We provide a deep technology assessment so we can get to know your infrastructure´s architecture. In that way we help you optimize your environment, solve problems, reduce operational burden, identify critical security issues and simplify your business. We plan the right solution for you and provide 24/7 constant support to your team.


We make the cloud easy so you can focus on what you are best at, making your business grow!

Expertise and commitment at your service 
With just a few clicks, IT administrators can customize
to the exact needs of an organization.
How can you prepare your platform to handle a million users?

Making the right technical decisions around scalability can enable millions in recurring revenue, or cost millions in abandonment when the application fails. Building applications that are resilient and scalable is an essential part of any application architecture.


The scalability of an application is as important as its features and user interface. It becomes even more important if your application is going to serve more than a million users in the future. That's why usually means an ability to handle more users, clients, data, transactions, or requests without affecting the user experience by adding more resources.

What is the best technology option for a large-scale application?

In summary, virtually all modern large-scale applications are:


➜ Developed using DevOps pipelines to ensure high-quality code that works effectively under heavy load.

➜ Designed with a microservices architecture to ensure flexibility when increasing server power.

➜ Deployed on scale-out servers behind a load balancer to ensure low downtime and a high ceiling on server capacity.

Major Benefits of Cloud Scaling

Within a few clicks, you can deal with the increasing workload. There is no delay in services as well.

Businesses can avoid the upfront costs of purchasing expensive equipment that could become outdated in a few years. Through cloud providers, they pay for only what they use and minimize waste.

When your business requirements grow, the capacity grows as well. A scalable cloud is capable of taking care of your growth and data requirements.

Fast and Easy
Cost Efficiency 
Better Performance

A scalable architecture can deal with sudden increase or decrease in traffic and perform accordingly. There is no wasted resource or lag due to insufficient infrastructure.


Let's develop a highly scalable application together!

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Start growing your business today!

Digital services had become extremely popular and Cloud Computing is becoming the technology standart. According to Statista, more than 15,000 software as a service (SaaS) companies are created every year in the U.S. with more than 14,000 billion users worldwide, and the number is growing.

Easily and quickly get ahead by applying cloud scalability architecture!
Scale in the Cloud and make your business grow
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