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Transform your 

Data into Profits

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Develop, implement, and maintain a successful data management strategy with our consolidated data framework: Datera Data Maturity Model (DDMM)

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Build your Data-driven strategy today


As AWS Advanced Partners, our framework is inspired by AWS Well-Architected Data Analytics lens. DDMM is our own extension of these best practices and principles to offer our customers a flexible fault-tolerant analytics solution specific to their needs.


Leverage your Data with Datera

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Pipeline Factory

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Data Strategy Adviser

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Data Flow Design

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Lakehouse Builder

Unlock the full potential of your data and gain valuable insights that can drive business growth and success!

Optimize your Business for Efficiency

We help your business improve the use of your team's time by providing the tools and processes that help them progress faster

Analyze your Data garden and design pipelines

Implement Data-driven decisions

Connect external Data sources

Create a Data lake


Discover why businesses choose Teracloud

Businesses that migrate with AWS experience a 51% reduction in operations costs, a 62% increase in IT staff productivity, and a 94% reduction in downtime. The question isn’t whether to migrate anymore, but rather how quickly it can happen and what to migrate first.

"We have been engaged with Teracloud as a partner to assist us with the management of our AWS infrastructure since May 2018. Thousands of hours of billable time, exceptional response, and project execution. We are looking to continue our business relationship for the foreseeable future.

"Teracloud met all of our needs and has helped us to be efficiently set up today and ready for tomorrow. They listen. They understand. They suggest the best way to handle the challenges that could come”

“They are capable of handling complex technical situations, infrastructure, server-side operations that are always tedious. They make all of this hassle-free for us and our clients. We are really happy working with them.”

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