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Empowering Global Desktop Publishing:
Teracloud's AWS Solution for                            

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The Drop It company specializes in Desktop Publishing and Digital Services for translations agencies. They needed to guarantee the sovereignty of their customers' data in the country of origin where it was produced, preventing the files corresponding to their clients from leaving their country of origin, while ensuring a good performance level to perform the work. The proposed solution was to use Amazon Workspaces and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server in a region within the US to meet customer and compliance requirements.

About Drop It

Drop It’s challenges

The customer’s business challenge was to be able to execute their solutions in the US-East-1 region of the USA, allowing their clients’ files to remain in the required region while acting accordingly with compliance policies. Had this not been addressed, the contract with their client wouldn’t have been able to take place.


The AWS cloud has services that meet all the requirements demanded by the client. AWS Workspaces service allows them to run desktop interfaces in a particular region of the USA and Amazon FSx to store the data within the same region, preventing the data from leaving the country. Furthermore, security services that avoid using regions outside the USA scope were implemented.

Why Teracloud

Due to the work of our sales correspondent promoting our service and the excellent work of the technical team both in time and quality of the development of the proposal, Dropit decided to move forward with the proposal without hesitation.

Teracloud’s Solution

The challenge was solved by making use of AWS Managed MS AD for user and permission management, Amazon Windows FSx as a file server for shared files between workstations, Amazon S3 buckets where the client can upload new data and store other long-term data, AWS DataSync for synchronizing data between the buckets and the shared file system,  and Amazon Workspaces as a solution of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) where the user can connect to work.



The client was able to meet the regional requirements of their clients on which their contract depends, allowing them to expand their business at a variable cost depending on the needs and using powerful and scalable technologies provided by AWS Cloud.

Moving Forward

Drop it Words about Teracloud

"We are fully delighted with Teracloud's support. They were able to understand our requirements at first glance and then, all of TeraCloud's team provided robust support for our needs. The engineers helped us to define the precise set-up for our remote machines correctly. Now, we're facing all our clients' needs and new challenges with these remote machines. We also could find other new clients that need this type of service that we can provide thanks to Teracloud."

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