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Do you have a company that hosts or contributes to e-learning, such as through sales marketing training, webinars, or compliance training?

A key factor in ensuring the best results are achieved in this area is to stay current. What does our target use? What is the most direct way of communicating with our users?

In Teracloud we have decided to take on this challenge and offer Live Streaming on AWS within our range of services since we consider that this cloud tool should be part of our business plan. One of the reasons is because the video is deeply embedded in today's connected experience. In other words, we live it day by day, in the office, at home, with our friends. We want to offer solutions that allow our current and future clients to transmit live and on-demand quickly, reliably, securely, and at scale.


Let your brand reach more people!

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Take advantage of the high-quality streaming features of the Live Streaming solution on AWS

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