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In recent months, e-commerce, online transactions, and the use of digital services increased amazingly, especially because of the COV-19 pandemic. But as business adapts to the digital world, also do thieves finding new ways to commit criminal acts and incrementing digital attacks.

From ransomware, phishing, hacking to data leakage and inside threats, companies are now exposed to a higher number of vulnerabilities that escalate tremendously fast and become even more dangerous every day.

As a consequence, you – the business owner - lose money, the governance of data, and customer´s data but, most important, your user's and buyers' trust.

That is why today is extremely necessary to reinforce security measures and apply the best security practices to ensure the continuity of business. One of the best solutions is to automate the security of your operation, one of Teracloud´s specialties.

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Implement Smart Scanning for Vulnerabilities
Limit Access to Sensitive Information
Look beyond SSL
Encrypt Data
Keep Compliance on track

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