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We have 4 different plans so it’s easy for you to choose the one that best matches your needs in the journey to the Cloud. By working together you will access to better rates and benefit from the expertise of a cloud certified and proactive team and that will work side-by-side with you to take your projects to the top of the tech industry implementing best practices in cost, security, performance, reliability, operations, and automation.


Plan Water


  • 20 hrs. end-to-end Engineering per Month


  • Response times:


   -General guidance: 24

   -System Impaired: 1 hr on business hours

  • Communication Channels: 


   -Support Portal

  • Monthly status report available upon request

  • Billing review: Our billing review will include best practices and actions to be taken to reduce the cloud build

  • Additional hours packages available 

  • Standard - Office hours 

  • Advanced - 24/7 Support (Optional)

  - 24/7 on-call support: yes

  • Response times:

   -General guidance: 24 hrs.

   -System Impaired: 1 hr on business hours

Plan Terra



  • All items included from Water Plan 

  • 40 hrs. end-to-end Engineering per Month

  • Communication Channels: 

   -Slack Shared Channel

  • In addition, you get advisory on:





   -Industry best practices 

  • Standard-Office hours 

  • Advanced - 24/7 Support (Optional)

  -24/7 on-call support: yes

  • Response times:

   -General guidance: 24 hrs.

   -System Impaired: 1 hr on business hours


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