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Digital Transformation, and Resilience

This Covid-19 crisis put our society and digital resilience to the test, that is, the ability to overcome this critical moment and adapt to this unusual and unexpected situation using digital media. Technology has been a key factor in this time of crisis. Thanks to it, remote work, virtual education, telemedicine, and telecare have been enabled. Artificial intelligence has even been used to identify those infected with COVID-19.


Human beings are complex entities that are part of organizations that face digital transformation processes. Two very important questions that organizations must ask themselves are: How are people going to adapt to the changes brought about by a digital transformation? And even more, how will they adopt new technologies that sometimes completely change how we have been developing processes within organizations?

To answer the first one, we focus on understanding that the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution such as AI, VR, BLOCKCHAIN, IoT, and even the same cloud, with which we coexisted for so long, are complex to understand by most baby boomers, while methodologies, business, and stability, are concepts that for a large percentage of Millennials, do not make much sense.

The great challenge for organizations is to unite in digital transformation projects the strengths of collaborators from two worlds so far away, on the one hand, the EXPERIENCE of the baby boomer and on the other the DIGITAL ADOPTION of Millennials. And this means for the Human Talent areas so that both generations participate, recognize the best of the other, and co-create based on their strengths.

The success of these strategies depends on the people.

In this sense, one of the key competencies to face these processes and motivate others is RESILIENCE. So, from the point of view of psychology and according to the definition of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language (RAE) "it is the human capacity to flexibly assume extreme situations and overcome them", but in the business field, it’s also about being innovative to generate ideas and implement plans that lead to emerging stronger from these adverse situations.

For this, companies must identify the people who are more RESILIENT within their team so that they can lead it and hire people with this key competence in the digital age.

In this way, it will be easier to answer the question of:

How are they going to adopt new technologies that sometimes completely change how we have been developing processes within organizations?

A company needs to build resilience in all aspects of the organization, from its go-to-market approach to its operations and its most critical infrastructure. If your organization is digitally resilient, it can anticipate, respond, learn, and evolve in the framework of events beyond its control and influenced by technological development. It is even capable of finding business and growth opportunities where traditional companies would only find failure.

That is why at Teracloud as AWS Select Consulting Partner and certified cloud experts in migrating and deploying startups, enterprises, and everything in between to the cloud, we care about taking your business to the next level, taking into account the needs of each one. , transforming and improving to offer better results.

We consider ourselves a resilient company because we are clear about the values ​​of our organization and we practice them as a team; In addition, we have a realistic perspective, which helps us to advance daily with achievable goals, which keeps us busy and motivated. We are a group that is constantly transforming and growing, hand in hand with flexibility and success.


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