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Growth to Success: Building a Gazzelle


Gazelles are agile, small and fast; In addition to that, they have an excellent vision, the simile with the animal is very well chosen because these companies have a constant, fast and above-average growth, both in terms of turnover and job creation. If the business grows at or faster than its market, then it has one of the characteristics of a gazelle company.

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is to grow, since companies that have the ability to grow exponentially are the ones that are most likely to remain in the market, receive investment and grow to make the leap and become more profitable businesses. large, become Gazelle companies, but this is not an easy task.

At Teracloud we are characterized by the fact that we are creative when it comes to proposing a solution and because we always think of bringing a good experience to our clients; We are convinced that through clarity, planning and innovation we are building a growing path full of opportunities.

We started in 2018 with the idea of ​​offering high-quality DevOps services and with a great passion for cloud technology and today we have become a company that has managed to internationalize its services and adapt to all the changes we have had. We are committed to education and the democratization of technology within the IT community.

Since 2018 Teracloud has been growing year to year in a persistent way. In 2020 COVID19 impacted tremendously in the startups ecosystem so our growth was slower than previous years but we never stopped. In 2021 we have returned to our growing path were we defined a plan with a 50% growth for the following 3 years. The planned growth is based on company strategic desitions but mainly on Marketing and Commercial approach.

In this way, and precisely because of innovation and disruption, startups like us seek to make great strides in the market and become a business model with high growth potential.

Actually, growing a company requires different skills than creating it, which is why we want to share with you some of our growth tips that have been working:

  • Focus on the customer, not the competition.

  • It generates an excellent community with which there is reciprocity of knowledge and learning spaces.

  • Motivate your team.

  • Keep your lead funnel active, always keeping your target audience in mind.