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Monitoring Updates at AWS Re:Invent 2023


Welcome to our recap of the exciting monitoring announcements made during the AWS Re:Invent 2023 event in Las Vegas!

1. Natural Language Query in Amazon CloudWatch

In an exciting advancement, AWS has introduced a natural language query feature for Amazon CloudWatch. Now you can make more intuitive and expressive queries across logs and metrics. This makes it easier to extract valuable information from your logs and metrics.


2. Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus Collector

The new feature "Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus Collector" is here to simplify metric collection in Amazon EKS environments. The highlight is metric collection without the need for additional agents. Interested in simpler management of your metrics in EKS? This is a must-read.


3. Metric Consolidation with Amazon CloudWatch

In an effort to address hybrid and multicloud challenges, AWS has introduced a new capability for Amazon CloudWatch. You can now consolidate your metrics from hybrid, multicloud, and on-premises environments in one place. This provides a more comprehensive view and makes resource management easier.


These advancements enhance user experience, simplify operations, and offer a consolidated perspective across diverse cloud setups. Exciting times lie ahead in the landscape of AWS monitoring!


Martín Carletti

Cloud Engineer



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