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Pending Pods: Limits in EKS

It is annoying to finally deploy our application in an EKS cluster to get the eternal “pending” state of our pods.

There are several reasons that might get a pod in a pending state; most of them are related to computing resource limits, but some others are related to IP address limits in our worker nodes.

However, reaching this kind of limit is an easy problem to solve. You can find the right type of instance for your Kubernetes workloads by checking this handy document provided by AWS. to have the maximum number of pods per instance, and the best of all, not only a few but all AWS EKS instances available.

So, If you want to avoid some frustrations and headaches, that document will be a good starting point!

Come back later for more Teratips about EKS.

Leandro Mansilla

DevOps Engineer


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