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Technological Challenges for Startups in 2022

A couple of years ago talking about Covid-19 was something new for all of us, today it is already daily bread so much that it sounds like a cliché, but as humans, we have overcome the arrival of this virus in a large percentage and in the same way they have made many companies that were affected and had to find new ways to sell their products and services.

As 2022 begins, there is more attention than ever on early-stage startups as they have played a major role in driving economic recovery globally.

The success of a promising early-stage startup, of course, depends on many things, including personalities, outside forces (such as pandemics), and good old-fashioned luck. But the best young startups already have a clear vision of a pressing market need and clear beginnings of a compelling way to address it.

The impact of digital transformation, the reinvention of professional development and new ways of working, the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the work environment, the blockchain, new digital spaces such as the metaverse, are some of the new trends and challenges that startups face; without neglecting how technology and its relationship with sustainability open up a new world of opportunities for companies.

According to different studies, at least 40% of companies will disappear in the next 10 years if they do not adapt to new technologies, so this is the opportunity for the different startups to anticipate the transformation that society is experiencing, led by the need to overcome the incredible challenges that you have had to face at this time: from security and privacy to productivity, through the role of technology or the limits between the real and virtual world.

Paul Graham, a renowned venture capital investor, points out that the ideal growth rate for a startup would be 5% to 7% per week. So much so that startups work with greater agility in decision-making and process execution. This factor leads us to a preliminary conclusion: in a startup, whatever its domain, time is the most limited and richest resource, considering then that the main challenge is to build agile methodologies that accompany the growth process of startups and allow efficient analytics, both growth, and consumer, for any type of company.

At this point, according to a survey conducted by the open-source company RedHat between June and August 2021 of 1,300 professionals from around the world, companies have started their digital transformation project, mainly because their growth demands different challenges that require this evolution in technological terms. In fact, 31% of those surveyed said they are in this process and 22% have accelerated their efforts to do so, while 8% said they are in the early stages of starting new projects, which further highlights this change.

Startups that currently solve universal problems with technology as an ally capture the attention of capital worldwide and much more so those that focus on data science. Since they have the differential possibility of managing the flow of users, knowing the growth of each user segment, understanding their behavior on digital platforms and developing the algorithms that each item needs to optimize their advertising schedule, thus creating personalized loyalty strategies. for each user segment.

2022 will be a year of business opportunities and great challenges for many, as long as companies care about highlighting the shopping experience, personalized services, listening to disagreements, and meeting the needs of their customers as if they were their own and above all and as we already mentioned digitization and innovation earlier.

The future will be technological and digital, both digitization and the cloud play an essential role in competitiveness, adaptation to the market, and success in business. In this way, companies can spend time innovating and improving their competitiveness.

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