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Connect with an AWS Hero, our Hero

Do you think you could have the characteristics or qualities that heroes have?

Being a hero is an act of courage, it is facing fears, challenges, and possible failures. They are beings with supernatural powers that save people, communities, or entire countries for their courage and dedication to others. The hero, in this sense, usually embodies the most outstanding and valued features of his culture of origin. He has idealized abilities that allow him to accomplish great feats, or heroic acts, which are what make him famous and make him admired by the rest of the community. The contributions it gives to its community are what make it truly valuable and admirable.


But, here we are not talking about superheroes from comics ... we are talking about real-life heroes, and this time, we want to tell you how happy and honored we are to have an AWS Hero in our Teracloud team, our CTO and Co-Founder Damian Olguín became part of the history of AWS heroes, for his enthusiasm, experience, and leadership in being a community builder and generating knowledge exchange experiences in LATAM.

Let's know a little about the super powers of this Community Hero:


Conference Speaker

Meet-up Organizer


Damian is a technological entrepreneur, the passion of this hero for the Cloud world starts from a boy, exactly from high school, where this curiosity to learn to program was born, thus managing to develop projects together with our Director of IA & ML Carlos Barroso in where the idea was to help people with disabilities. This is how he built his approach to different individuals and to different technological projects.

As a good leader, one of his characteristics is that he works for objectives despite obstacles, he is persistent, a quality undoubtedly of a superhero; which has led him during his career to participate in various implementation scenarios with Open Source and Proprietary technologies. He has over 15 years of experience in Unix / Linux Server Administration.

In addition to this, he has participated in two editions of AWS Re: Invent 2015, 2017 and 2019 in Las Vegas, NV; As if that were not enough, at the last opportunity he was named AWS Community Leader and together with Alejandro Pozzi CEO & Founder of Teracloud, they won the award for the most persistent team. He is an active member of the AWS Spanish Community, participating in user troubleshooting.

His incredible superpowers have led him to be the Co-Organizer of the AWS Users Group Córdoba (2017) and DoctArmy (2019), groups for all those interested in cloud computing, where it is not necessary to be a computing genius because the The objective is to share experiences and knowledge about AWS and new technologies.

"I wouldn't be who I am from the technical point of view, if it weren't for the community"

As you can see, he is a person who is constantly thinking about contributing more knowledge to the cloud world every day, generating new opportunities for learning and discovering talents, thus fulfilling the purpose of being an AWS Hero. “The purpose of the AWS Heroes program is to recognize and honor the most engaged and influential developers who have a significant impact within the community. It also provides Heroes a place to tell their story and connect with like-minded developers ”. | 1 |

In this way, the idea was born and he felt the need to create a space to help companies that adopt Cloud technology, going from an On-Premise Architecture to Cloud and in 2016 he decided to apply everything he had learned and give shape to Teracloud, achieving helping customers of all sizes design, project, build, migrate and manage workloads and applications on AWS, in different parts of the United States and Canada, among others. Through CI / CD Automation, excellent security practices, HIPAA, PCI, cost optimization, transformed business with data solutions such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. That's when Teracloud becomes AWS Select Consulting Partners.

On the other hand, as a hero has incredible feats, among them are:

Take the organization of Community Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina, held in June 2019, where the main opening speaker was Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, and where Damián gave the talk on "Automation as code: from zero to hero in minutes", taking advantage of all the experience that he gained in Teracloud during the last years automating and securing the infrastructure for more than 200 clients around the world.

Introducing the first track in Spanish at Re: Invent 2019 that took place in December in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he spoke about “How we build CI / CD pipelines in the GitOps”, his interest with this was always to grow communities, unite them and make them stronger.

He is also a co-host of #DeepFridays, a Twitch streaming show that promotes the adoption of AI / ML technology by playing with:

DeepRacer is a 1/18 scale autonomous race car designed to test RL models by racing on a physical track. Using cameras to view the track and a booster model to control throttle and steering. Stay tuned that the 2020 season of the AWS DeepRacer League is approaching the last round with the Championship in AWS Re: Invent 2020. From November 10 to December 15, by the way, do not miss it!

As for DeepLens, it is the world's first camera for developers, fully programmable and DeepComposer is a musical instrument, piano, that allows you to create a melody that transforms into a completely original song in a matter of seconds, all thanks to artificial intelligence. Cool no?

So in this way, they are in charge of showing that generative artificial intelligence is one of the latest and greatest advances in artificial intelligence technology thanks to its ability to create something new, right?

And last but not least, our hero currently specializes as Cloud Solutions Architect mainly in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud and is generating a new series of introductory videos on YouTube for all those who are just starting with AWS, it is called AWS 101.

In other words, Damian Gitto Olguín is an AWS Hero from head to toe, always seeking the benefit of everyone and giving his best version, to make this world a better place; share their knowledge with all those who feel the same passion and enthusiasm for developing technology projects and working with the entire AWS platform, spending time educating others about a wide range of AWS services, fulfilling their most important mission which is to evangelize the entire AWS ecosystem which does it very well!

In conclusion, we are fortunate to have him on the team and we continue to grow as a family and with a vision of heroes. Once again congratulations Damian!


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