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GenAI for your business

Master GenAI 
your own way

Discover what Generative AI holds for your business with From Idea to GenAI and turn your latest inquiries into a reliable in-house business consultant.

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Own your GenAI journey
with From Idea to GenAI

An innovative solution where we materialize your ideas into proof of concept products using the capabilities of AWS Foundational Large Language Models, integrated with chatbot technology.

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Redefine rule-based systems.

Reignite local data analysis.

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Limit the scope

Define communication


Access AWS


Test Gen AI Idea

First, we limit the scope. For text-based solutions, such as querying databases or semi-structured repositories, we strategically extract relevant data subsets in formats that suit our methodologies.

We provide various channels

for product consumption: Slack, Telegram, or a customized, white-labeled interface. This selection enables streamlined deployment and accommodates diverse user preferences effectively.

To use our service, you must have an AWS account. This account allows seamless integration of a model from the Bedrock service for product development and operationalization.

Opting for our "From Idea to GenAI" service ensures clients a smooth and strategic introduction to generative AI, laying a strong groundwork for future innovations and market dominance.

Interested in adopting GenAI?

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Our value

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A certified team with a Day-1 mindset


A curated architecture design, 
optimized to industry best practices


A dedicated fleet of Cloud Engineers

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A hands-on approach
with our CEO and CTO

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Ongoing support and monitoring

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