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Streamlining Security with Amazon Security Hub: A where to start Step-by-Step Guide

Amazon Security Hub is a security service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that aggregates and prioritizes security findings from multiple AWS services and third-party security tools, making it easier for customers to manage their security posture.

One of the key benefits of using Amazon Security Hub is that it provides a centralized view of security findings from multiple sources. This allows customers to quickly identify and prioritize potential security issues, rather than having to navigate multiple separate security tools and services.

Another benefit of Amazon Security Hub is that it integrates with other AWS services, such as AWS Config and Amazon GuardDuty, to provide additional security insights. For example, AWS Config can be used to assess the compliance of resources in an AWS account, while Amazon GuardDuty can be used to detect and respond to potential security threats. By integrating these services with Amazon Security Hub, customers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their security posture and take more effective actions to improve it.

Amazon Security Hub also provides automation capabilities, allowing customers to set up automatic remediation actions for certain types of security findings. This can help to quickly and efficiently address potential security issues, reducing the time and effort required to manually investigate and resolve each finding.

Enabling Security Hub (console)


When you enable Security Hub from the console, you also have the option to enable the supported security standards.

To enable Security Hub

  1. Use the credentials of the IAM identity to sign in to the Security Hub console.

  2. When you open the Security Hub console for the first time, choose Enable AWS Security Hub.

  3. On the welcome page, Security standards lists the security standards that Security Hub supports. To enable a standard, select its check box. To disable a standard, clear its check box. You can enable or disable a standard or its individual controls at any time. For information about the security standards and how to manage them, see Security standards and controls in AWS Security Hub.

  4. Choose Enable Security Hub.

Next Steps

  1. Configure integration with other AWS services. As mentioned earlier, Amazon Security Hub can integrate with other AWS services such as AWS Config and Amazon GuardDuty to provide additional security insights. To set up these integrations, customers will need to enable the relevant services in their AWS account and configure them to send findings to Security Hub.

  2. Set up custom actions and automated remediation. Once the integrations are set up, customers can create custom actions and automated remediation workflows to address specific types of security findings. For example, they can set up an automatic remediation workflow that terminates an EC2 instance when it is identified as compromised.

  3. Review and prioritize findings. Once Amazon Security Hub is set up and configured, it will start to aggregate and prioritize security findings from multiple sources. Customers should regularly review these findings and prioritize them based on their level of risk.

By following these steps, you can effectively implement Amazon Security Hub and begin to improve your security posture by identifying and addressing potential security threats in a more efficient and streamlined way.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Amazon Security Hub is a powerful security service that can help customers to improve their security posture by providing a centralized view of security findings from multiple sources, integrating with other AWS services, and providing automation capabilities for remediation. Implementing Amazon Security Hub requires setting up the service, configuring integrations, creating custom actions and automated remediation workflows, creating and assigning security standards, and regularly reviewing and prioritizing findings.

If you need assistance with implementing Amazon Security Hub or have any questions about how it can help you to improve your security, please don't hesitate to reach out for help.
We will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with the information you need to make the most of this powerful security service.

Damian Gitto Olguín

Co-Founder/CTO/AWS Hero


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