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The new normal and job skills of the future

COVID-19 pandemic has forced thousands of companies and industries to shut their doors, break with daily routines, and act fast to be able to provide a response at the working and professional fields.


Technology and innovation became essential in providing the connectivity necessary to support the new normality: a virtual work model of continuous exchange, learning, and communication.

Talent Management in organizations reached its peak when the context forced us to think of a hybrid work model that, in the future, will combine digital and face-to-face alternatives. Today more than ever, the need to merge digital literacy with human capacities considered as irreplaceable is essential.

We are facing situations in which our minds must permanently adapt, learn, and generate new connections in order to motivate our teams. Companies need to turn towards a learning culture, where the knowledge acquired will be the basis of productivity and the development of professional teams.

The extreme situation that we are facing today is giving rise to a "new industrial revolution", which is expected to be devastating, and this will transform who we are, what we do and each of the procedures that we previously believed were unquestionable. This is about the fusion between the physical and the digital, it is about the daily life of people that uses technology, which seconds after second is transforming our world completely. These are some of the changes that we are witnessing: advances in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, robots that perform tasks by themselves, and 3D printing, that are part of the new normal that we are going through.

New doors open for knowledge-based organizations, as a sign of development and growth, new work challenges, and different ways to organize a daily routine. Changes needed for Talent Acquisition processes will have to be propelled fast, as experience and knowledge will no longer be the most important qualities, but the ability to adapt to changes and to learn in an agile and constant way.

From this perspective, skills begin to take a greater role compared to knowledge, since the jobs of the future and for which we begin to prepare from today, will value our ability to "learn how to learn" and to adapt to the constant technological advances together using the skills that make us more human (and those that technology can hardly imitate or replace) and that allow us to link each of these scenarios.

At Teracloud, we continue to grow with new opportunities. We focus on simple processes that allow us to get closer to people. In this way, we continue betting on the new normality and different actions to communicate and support our Teams in times of remote work.

Do you want to know more about us? We invite you to follow us and stay tuned for our next post! We will be telling you about the experience of joining Teracloud, our People Care processes, and much more!


Florencia Sánchez

Talent Acquisition Manager



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