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The new normal and the cloud world

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, many lives and businesses have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this situation has created many challenges for companies, families, and the world in general; for many of us it requires adopting new ways of working, and the word that would define this would be reinvention.


We have had to reinvent ourselves in many ways or bring out those skills that we had not had to exploit, both as employees and as a company. In this way, let's take a look at how the Cloud industry has been affected this time in a good way due to the sudden increase in demand and interest in the solutions it provides.

Production away from the office and school

Businesses and educational institutions around the world have had to make sudden changes, turning many of their services and operations towards digital solutions, making a great effort to stay productive and meet the demands of their staff and their clients.

Schools and universities take advantage of video conferencing and online learning platforms to facilitate distance learning, as physical interaction is no longer an acceptable form of communication in light of social distancing efforts.

If we see it in a positive light, digitization and the benefits of Cloud Computing have helped many people and companies survive who see digital transformation as a mandatory subject to continue offering their products and services in a globalized world. Before teleworking was seen as a privilege of few, now it has been raised as a real possibility and that it is of great help to increase the productivity of companies.

“In the area of ​​Technology, the jobs that will grow in the future will be those related to Data Science. Likewise, everything that has to do with solution architects focused on Cloud Computing, omnichannel strategies, in order to enhance the value proposition of companies towards their clients and create increasingly innovative experiences. On the other hand, the demand will continue for everything that has to do with HR and what is known as e-recruiting, professionals prepared to be able to do job interviews remotely, or the use of technologies, (Learning machines and/or of deep learning), to be able to make interviews much more enriching, simpler, more agile. With regard to the Marketing area, the Big Data and Analytics tools will be used to generate new capabilities in the areas, and new ways of campaigning and attracting customers " (1).

Those who have Cloud infrastructure have an important advantage to be able to migrate to a remote model operating without interruption. Optimizing the performance of web applications, and providing the best orchestration tools in the cloud. The Cloud is the most appropriate platform to work remotely, guarantee productivity, develop intense internal and external collaboration in times when real-time information is required to make crucial decisions as quickly as possible, as well as provide continuity and sustainability. to business; ensuring connectivity and access to information.

Among its many virtues, the Cloud represents a tool that provides agility to manage a business, facilitates access to applications and data, offers flexibility to make calls, send messages, set up video-conference meetings, collaborate with partners, employees, and clients, from anywhere, place with an Internet connection, using all types of devices and under a single platform with Video streaming services.


Streaming and video game request

Likewise, the entertainment industry has also been affected and at the same time has had a boost from people who have had to stay at home. The closure of the places we used to frequent before the COVID-19 Pandemic appeared in our lives, such as going to the movies, restaurants, bars, hotels, among others, has caused many of us to turn to alternatives such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, online cooking classes, marketing or any topic of our interest.

So, thanks to Cloud Computing, we have been able to have entertainment in times of confinement and this is something important to maintain optimism and be more positive. In fact, we can find varied entertainment from music streaming, through different video-on-demand platforms, streaming services such as Twitch, online video games, to Streaming platforms for events. among others.

On the other hand, video game players have also had an increase in their activity at that time. Attracting age groups “The Global Gaming Study: Impacts of COVID-19 conducted by Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global strategy and marketing consultancy, and Dynata, an independent market research institute, showed that gamers are playing games. more video games (30% growth in players who spend more than five hours a week); they spend more money on video games (39% growth in monthly spending); play new types of games, including those that focus on multiplayer (60% of players play new games); and more video game content via streaming (42% growth in players who watch streaming video games) ”. (2)

So gamers also use these types of games as a channel to socialize in social distancing. This means that for the gaming industry in the future it will be necessary to create trends with this focus on social interaction.

The e-commerce boom

E-commerce is another industry that is on the rise at this time of crisis, as millions of people around the world flock to e-commerce platforms. Industries continue to adapt to the new normal and that is why companies in different industries are beginning to realize the benefits and value of cloud computing, even beyond the need for remote work.

This is how hybrid scenarios have been created that facilitate growth and innovation for companies of all sizes, who have been forced to adopt the cloud due to consumer demand. But how does cloud adoption help e-commerce?

There is no doubt that working with a cloud platform for e-commerce helps reduce maintenance costs, in this way entrepreneurs in the sector have the opportunity to allocate less human and economic efforts to technology and focus on aspects that promote their own business, such as marketing or SEO. Another advantage is that information can be stored in a more profitable and optimal way since having the data in a virtual infrastructure makes it possible for the web to be always operational and helps reduce risks due to theft, cyberattacks, among others.

This is how security comes to the fore in this new normal since in recent times a trend is emerging for cybercriminals to take advantage of the low level of protection of public cloud services in order to install malicious programs, but also to use them as hosting for fake web pages, this can lead to numerous legal and organizational problems. To the point, it is so that it can even give a bad image of the corporate brand.

In short, the Cloud world has come to revolutionize the world. Helping us to work in a more comfortable way, from anywhere; offering us advantages of growing as companies and reaching more places without having to invest large sums of money and thus generate profitable business; As buyers, it allows us to have the products or services that we want with just one click and with the total security that our data and information will be safe.

For this reason, to enjoy the benefits of the cloud, companies need to commit to an approach that ensures best practices and is supported by a robust, specialized, and reliable methodology. The best cloud service provider will always be important to feel secure, at Teracloud we provide a set of scalable solutions for your company. Solve your most difficult challenges with us. Have a great story to tell.

Liliana Medina

Community Manager


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