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How Teracloud is helping

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to create a

staging and a production environment

for its SaaS solution

This document describes how Teracloud helped CENG Technologies Inc. to meet its goals to bring its product to market faster.

CENG Technologies provides the business and technology expertise required to complete specific deliverables or satisfy the demand for a self-sustaining, elastically scalable engineering team.

About CENG

The laser focus of CENG Technologies Inc. is to provide the optimal delivery of a vision to plan the execution. Whether you're looking for development insight that complements your existing equipment, or for an engineering platform as a service, CENG encompasses all aspects of talent acquisition, infrastructure, business operations, Technological development, human resources, and learning in a globally distributed co-construction environment.

CENG's Challenges

The customer wanted to create a staging and a production environment for its SaaS solution based on React as frontend and NodeJS at the backend. 

Our role as APN partner was to design the architecture to host the customer solution, deploy the infrastructure and support the customer AWS adoption. For this, we proposed a container architecture based on a Well-Architected framework.

An important challenge was that the client needed the environment ready in 4 days (all components), from zero to PoC without delay. This severely limited our architecture options and forced us to leverage every benefit of the AWS cloud model. They needed a complete environment in AWS based on a Kubernetes cluster to be able to show its application stack functionality but also with best security practices and low costs. 


AWS was chosen because it helps to create a secure and high-performance infrastructure, and efficient Kubernetes cluster, which is a big part of the infrastructure. It also allows us to create it in the simplest and fastest way and keep costs low by getting the advantage of the pricing that AWS has to offer.

The AWS cloud is more than a technology platform. It is a catalyst for business transformation and growth. There are many benefits that AWS cloud solutions provide that make it the number one choice for the most important companies around the world.

Why Teracloud

CENG needed a very trusted AWS partner with a strong background in creating fast cloud infrastructure solutions. Even more importantly, given its mentioned challenge, they couldn’t afford any error, delay, or any serious issue. Fortunately, Teracloud has shown these capabilities on past projects and also in similar scenarios.

In addition to this, we work to define a strategy, create a cloud roadmap, optimize your move to the cloud, and implement modern platforms for continued operational excellence.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, Teracloud brings curiosity, passion, and deep technical and strategic expertise to every AWS project.

We offer specialized services in consulting, deployment, management, and optimization of solutions on the AWS cloud. We adapt your applications to get the most out of Amazon hosting, with cost and performance optimization.

Partner Solution

Teracloud designed and implemented a solution in two phases:
Phase one, for deploying the application stack in the estimated time:

  • Route53

  • VPC, Multi-Az, Multi-layer

  • Amazon Certificate Manager

  • S3

  • Cloudfront

  • EKS

  • Aurora MySQL RDS

  • Elastic Load Balancer

  • ECR

  • AWS Parameter Store


We use an S3 to store frontend assets and to serve static web content with a CloudFront distribution with TLS encryption in transit. Leading the technology selection we choose EKS to host the backend workload, getting the container images from the AWS Elastic Container Registry, and secrets and environment variables from the Parameter store. The is securely exposed to the internet by an Application Load Balancer that connects with the frontend and Route53 for DNS.

Phase two, after the PoC, build and deploy part:


  • Codepipeline

  • Codebuild

In the second phase, we choose a gitops CD pipeline by using ArgoCD, Codepipeline, and CodeBuild.

The developer pushes the code to a git repository which will be watched by the code pipeline, after is pushed, CodePipeline triggers the pipeline in code build, which will build and deploy the frontend to the S3 bucket and also builds and pushes the backend docker image to the ECR repository, and updates the git repository that has the yaml manifests that Argo watches.


Benefits for CENG

  • The customer get the environment on time and was able to meet its agenda.

  • The customer got the resources needed, based on the business demands.

  • High availability and high reliability and self-healing.

  • Infrastructure with multi-layer security

  • ready for PCI compliance

Next Steps

Teracloud will continue working with Ceng, providing consulting and improvements based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework for their infrastructure.

Our approach

Teracloud is a fast-growing AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner created by certified cloud experts, with seasoned experience in migrating and deploying startups, enterprises, and everything in between to the cloud. We've worked with companies from many industries such as airlines, healthcare, education, and e-commerce designing, implementing, and managing Cloud workloads with HA architecture under 99.9% uptime SLA and PCI/HIPAA compliance requirements.

Our expertise ranges from designing state-of-the-art cloud architecture to deploying and managing cloud environments through Managed Services including AWS Consulting, Architects, DevOps, DevSecOps, MLOps, 24/7 Support, Automation, Disaster Recovery, and Security. We provide secure, scalable, and highly available solutions for our clients.

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