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Generative AI and legal practices

UbuntuLaw’s Success Story with Teracloud

UbuntuLaw, a SaaS platform integrated with the Department of Justice, faced challenges in onboarding lawyers to new technologies and managing slow information propagation.      Teracloud implemented a copilot agent on AWS Bedrock with a robust knowledge base and a user-friendly frontend on AWS ECS, significantly improving information retrieval and operational efficiency. This pioneering solution in Latin America positions UbuntuLaw at the forefront of legal tech innovation.

About UbuntuLaw

UbuntuLaw is a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed for legal professionals, providing direct access to the most current information about legal cases from the Department of Justice. Their mission is to streamline case management and legal research, enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of law firms.

UbuntuLaw’s Challenges

The legal industry is notoriously resistant to change, particularly when it comes to adopting new technologies. This resistance posed a significant challenge for UbuntuLaw, as the slow adoption could lead to obsolescence in a rapidly evolving legal landscape. Furthermore, the lag in information generation and propagation within the justice system impeded lawyers' ability to access timely and accurate data. These issues highlighted the need for a solution that not only facilitated quicker information access but also encouraged lawyers to embrace technological advancements.


UbuntuLaw chose AWS as its cloud platform due to its robust infrastructure, scalability, and comprehensive suite of AI services. AWS Bedrock’s capabilities in generative AI offered an ideal foundation for developing a sophisticated copilot agent, while AWS ECS ensured seamless deployment and management of the frontend application. The reliability and security of AWS services were crucial for handling sensitive legal information.

Why UbuntuLaw chose us

UbuntuLaw engaged Teracloud due to our proven expertise in AWS technologies and generative AI solutions. Our track record of delivering innovative and effective AI-driven applications made us uniquely qualified to address UbuntuLaw’s challenges. Teracloud’s deep understanding of the legal tech industry and commitment to driving business value through technological innovation convinced UbuntuLaw to partner with us.

Partner Solution

Teracloud implemented a comprehensive solution using AWS Bedrock to develop a copilot agent embedded with a knowledge base integrating UbuntuLaw’s proprietary legal information and real-time data from the Department of Justice via APIs. The copilot agent was designed to provide accurate and contextually relevant answers, matching the tone and level of detail expected by legal professionals. Additionally, we deployed a frontend application using AWS ECS, ensuring a user-friendly interface for lawyers to interact with the copilot agent.


The architecture of the solution included:

  • AWS Bedrock for generative AI capabilities, enabling the copilot agent to understand and respond to complex legal queries.

  • AWS ECS for deploying and managing the frontend application, providing a seamless user experience.

  • API Gateway and Lambda for integrating real-time data from the Department of Justice into the knowledge base.

  • Amazon RDS for secure and scalable database management of legal information.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of the copilot agent resulted in significant improvements for UbuntuLaw. Lawyers now receive timely and accurate information, enhancing their productivity and decision-making processes. The solution also opens up possibilities for further innovations, such as automating case updates and adding notes directly into the system. Notably, this project marked the first deployment of such an advanced AI-driven solution in the Latin American legal sector, setting a new standard for legal tech.


Key benefits included:

  • Enhanced Information Access: Lawyers experienced a notable reduction in the time required to retrieve case information.

  • Increased Adoption: The user-friendly interface and accurate responses increased adoption rates among legal professionals.

  • Innovation and Competitive Edge: UbuntuLaw now leads in legal tech innovation in Latin America, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

Next Steps

Building on this success, UbuntuLaw and Teracloud plan to explore additional AI-driven functionalities, such as automated document generation and predictive analytics for case outcomes. This ongoing partnership aims to continuously enhance the capabilities of UbuntuLaw’s platform, ensuring it remains at the forefront of legal technology.

About Teracloud

Teracloud is a premier consulting partner in the AWS Partner Network, specializing in AWS and generative AI technologies. Our mission is to deliver transformative solutions that drive business value and innovation. As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, we leverage our deep expertise and industry knowledge to help clients like UbuntuLaw achieve their strategic goals.

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