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Advice for Companies Moving to the Cloud

Businesses need to move the cloud, simply because they are at a competitive disadvantage if they don’t. Companies that figure out how to harness the transformative power of cloud infrastructure, as well as platform services, will run circles around those that fail to do so. These enterprises achieve incredible efficiencies related to launching new products, building tighter relationships with customers and partners, and streamlining internal processes. Cloud is a big deal for enterprise IT. But it doesn’t re-write the best practices for rolling out a new tech project.

Here are 4 simple steps we advise to our customers to follow when developing their cloud strategy.

1. Assessment Every cloud migration must begin by gathering the right information from the right business units. Detailed business and technical information will help determine priorities and unite enterprise leaders.

2. Road Map

Cloud migration plans need to organize hundreds of complex systems and guarantee early wins. A great roadmap will use data gathered in the Cloud Assessment phase to prioritze projects with the most immediate benefit to your business in order to make a big impact fast.

3. Migration

You have an ambitious vision for cloud adoption that spans the enterprise. Once you have a detailedCloud Roadmap in place, it is time to begin migrating your applications to the selected cloud provider.

4. Transform Your IT

Cloud adoption alone will not transform your business. To realize the true power of the cloud, your team needs automation tools and DevOps methodologies to move faster, iterate frequently, and build better products.

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