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Modernize your business—before your competitors take the lead. Migrate to the Cloud with Teracloud


Managing Cloud adoption has become companies’ top priority for the last few years. This tendency keeps on growing. It’s estimated that by 2025 over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms. Organizations acknowledge that moving to the Cloud mainly allows them to achieve greater flexibility, increase scalability, get significant cost savings, respond quickly to business opportunities, innovate faster, pursue potential gains in operational efficiency, and be more competitive.

Companies across all industries want to migrate to the cloud for all sorts of reasons, but if they’re clear about what their actual requirements are, it’ll be easier to elaborate a migration strategy and prepare a migration plan. They need to be clear about what cloud services adoption is all about. It involves moving data, applications, and other IT resources from on-premise data centers and servers to the cloud. Furthermore, they could either move data to public cloud service providers (like Amazon Web Services - AWS -), set up their private cloud computing environment, or create a hybrid environment. Organizations have the flexibility to choose which migration approach is best for their specific needs.

The most common migration needs are:

  • Draining of data centers and moving into the cloud completely

  • Migrating to the cloud for a certain period of time to update data center infrastructure

  • Lifting a specific application from on-premise to a cloud environment

  • Saving costs and deploying a hybrid environment

At Teracloud, the first step we take for a migration plan is to identify the applications and technologies your organization has. Once this process is done, we evaluate the pros and cons of migration and define a set of priorities according to the conclusions of our analysis. Then we suggest the best strategy for migrating your workloads and technologies to the cloud.

What migration strategies does Teracloud offer?

As AWS Advanced Partners, we like to follow the different migration strategies offered by AWS; these help us categorize the workloads and technologies that need to be migrated: the 7R Framework:

  1. Rehost

  2. Replatform

  3. Repurchase

  4. Refactor

  5. Retire

  6. Retain

  7. Relocate.

Let’s have a brief look at what each of these implies.


Companies can lift-and-shift (rehost), choosing to move their entire application with some minor changes - full migration - where the attended need focuses on high scalability solutions for business reasons.


With a re-platform or lift-tinker-and-shift strategy, cloud (or other) optimizations can be done to achieve tangible benefits, but won't change the core architecture of the application.


If a company just wants to switch from one product to another (choosing a SaaS platform), the proper strategy is re-purchase.


Refactor involves re-imagining and renewing the architecture and development of an application using cloud-native features;


This strategy is deployed for decommissioning and disabling an application.


On the other hand, organizations considering few applications to continue running on-premise, and would rather leave things as they are, AWS calls this the retain strategy.


Last but not least, relocate or hypervisor-level lift and shift strategy solution is based on moving the infrastructure to the cloud without purchasing new hardware. This migration scenario is specific to VMware Cloud on AWS.

If you’re currently facing the idea of Migrating to the Cloud, know that multiple variables impact your Migration Strategy. Contact us to help you to decide which strategy fits your business objectives.

Build a modern business on AWS with Teracloud

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