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What does the Cloud bring to Companies in 2021?

In business, the pressure on the workforce and responsibility keeps increasing. We have been in a pandemic for almost a year and many companies have been affected by the Covid-19 effect; many expect 2021 to be a year of recovery and improvement, to adapt to changes and take their businesses to another level. This is why to meet customer demands and work in real-time, companies have been adopting cloud computing.

Cloud computing offers modern business advantages that include allowing multiple users to view data in real-time and share projects effortlessly. Instead of owning their own IT infrastructure or data centers, companies can rent access to anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider.

In this blog, we will show you some trends in the Cloud and what the cloud brings to companies in 2021.

  • Increase in demand: The transition to the cloud is accelerating because it allows business models to quickly adapt to new consumption habits, behavior patterns, and new ways of working, relating, communicating, etc.

  • Everything as a Service (XaaS): Companies will move towards a SaaS model to offer all services in the cloud. Thus, achieving more scalability, flexibility, and faster delivery times for both customers and the organization.

  • Optimization of cloud operations: Companies that are already in the cloud have the goal of aligning spending with business objectives, taking advantage of the agility, services, and innovation that this technology provides.

  • Automation: By law, automation is being implemented, because routine tasks can be eliminated, especially for technology departments.

  • Support for innovation: Organizations that want to drive innovation by launching new digital services will see this technology as the basis to do so, as it allows them to take advantage of the potential of big data and analytics solutions or artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

  • Cybersecurity: Important to consider security. The increase and severity of attacks have led companies to focus on this issue, forcing them to pay more attention to this issue with a forceful response from the industry, through alliances, training initiatives, and closing possible doors to cybercrime. From a technology perspective, companies and their IT partners must avoid configuration errors and unauthorized access, which are, today, the main threats identified by customers.

As 5G begins to catch up in 2021, security will be even more challenging for cloud-based organizations. 5G is about increasing the speed and connectivity of IoT; Cars, voice assistants, portable devices, and even household appliances have network connections. But thanks to 5G, the possibilities of what these devices can do are now of much greater concern.

2021 promises to be another transformative year for IT, largely due to Covid-19 as its effects linger. However, one day, the coronavirus will disappear and the question facing most organizations, as they emerge from this era, will be how to wisely accept new challenges and new realities. Cloud computing, thanks to its versatility and ubiquity, maybe the answer you are looking for.

Liliana Medina

Community Manager


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