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Data Engineer

Location:  Anywhere.

Job type:  Full-time, presencial/remote.

Job Brief

Your primary mission will be to modernize and consolidate our clients’ infrastructures, automate their data workloads and pipelines, and drive advancements in data engineering. This role demands a deep understanding of data concepts, including the movement, transformation, and storage of large data volumes. Your expertise will ensure our clients' systems are efficient, scalable, and at the forefront of technological innovation.


  • Analyze and organize raw data, determining the optimal storage format for current and future use.

  • Work closely with data scientists and architects to provide IT infrastructure for data analytics projects, ensuring seamless integration and support.

  • Identify opportunities for enhancing data-related processes, including redesigning infrastructure for scalability, optimizing data delivery, and automating manual tasks.

  • Build datasets from various sources with different formats and granularity, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

  • Assemble large, complex datasets that meet both functional and non-functional business requirements.

  • Combine raw data from different sources, ensuring coherence and usability.

  • Develop the necessary infrastructure for optimal data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) using AWS and SQL technologies.

  • Utilize best practices to improve data quality and efficiency, suggesting and implementing enhancements to data quality and usage.

  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities for data acquisition to enhance current performance and add new capabilities to the data architecture.

  • Design and build data systems and pipelines for processing and storing data. These systems capture, cleanse, transform, and route data to destination systems for analysis using analytics and business intelligence tools or for consumption by other processes or personnel.


  • Exceptional proficiency in both written and verbal English communication.

  • Knowledge of project management tools like Jira, Trello, or Asana for effective project coordination.

  • Strong expertise in AWS services and cloud infrastructure management.

  • Proficiency in ETL tools, data architecture concepts, SQL, and NoSQL databases.

  • Knowledge and experience in data security practices, encryption, object-oriented programming, shell scripting, and workflow automation tools.


  • Over 2 years of proven experience in similar positions as a data engineer.

  • Experience in managing large-scale and/or complex data engineering projects within cloud computing environments.

  • Specific experience with cloud computing projects, particularly those involving AWS data services.

  • Hands-on experience in developing and maintaining data pipelines and ETL processes.

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