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AWS Community Day Buenos Aires 2019

How do you know if a company is living at the AWS's Valhalla? When the CTO is giving a talk right next to Amazon's CTO on a AWS-sponsored event.

At Teracloud we are very excited to announce that our CTO and Co-Founder, Damián Gitto Olguín, will be a speaker in the upcoming AWS Community Day held at Buenos Aires on June 18, where the opening keynote speaker will be Werner Vogels, Amazon's CTO.

Damian's talk will be "Automation as a code: From zero to ECS in minutes", where he leverages all the experience we have gain at Teracloud for the last couple of years automating and securing infrastructure for more than 200 customers worldwide.


Why would you want to be in this event? Well, in short you will be able to:

- See what the rest of the AWS user community has been up to.

- Share what you have learned with them.

- Network with your peers to establish new relationships and strengthen old ones.

- Ask what you always wanted to know about AWS and Amazon.

- Have some Amazonian fun(tm).

This year we will meet at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel in the city of Buenos Aires. You can check out all the talks and activities here, and you can book tickets free of charge at this link .

If you need further guidance or more information about the event, please write us to

It will be AWSome to meet you there!


If you feel that this blogpost represents your actual needs, concerns or you just want to know more, email me at

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