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How COVID-19 endangers your e-commerce and 6 tips to avoid it now

The COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything the world has ever seen. Countries, Institutions, and business leaders are facing tough choices with unprecedented levels of uncertainty. While short-term orientation is key, it is becoming increasingly clear that the crisis will permanently reshape the societal and economic order of the future and creating opportunities, as it has been the case with past global crises.

The numbers are astonishing:

  • Skyrocketing digital sales levels, with an increase of 210% in order volumes between February 2020 and April 2020

  • A leap of 63% in eCommerce web traffic between February 2020 and April 2020

  • Consumer engagement with reviews up 105% between February 2020 and April 2020

  • Review submission levels and length rise in April 2020, while overall consumer sentiment (in the form of average product rating) remains steady

Now is the time to act. The bold and ambitious companies that embrace the new reality and take timely action can capture market share and emerge as the new market leaders. Action requires the courage to reinvent or alter your business model and to invest in new processes and tech in these times of high uncertainty. Here you have some advice for companies moving to the cloud wrote on the normal times and still relevant.

Putting your business online also brings new risks to your company normal operations

Along with this monumental opportunity lies a comparable risk: the more value you have, the more appealing you are to hackers and digital thieves of all sorts. You need to protect your company and your customers' data, because a data leak, even a small one, can have you file for bankruptcy in no time. (See our post on data breaches and risks for your business)

Two-thirds of Small and Medium Business has suffered a cyber attack in the past 12 months, and the chances are even higher if your business has a strong online presence (Gardner).

Putting your business online brings new, unknown risks to your company operations, and with a very tight, COVID-19-propelled schedule, the time to hire and train a SecOps and DevOps team largely exceeds what any company can afford. Your best options is automated security systems and managed services from trustable companies.

These are 5 tips from an IT point of view that can automate the security of your operation:

1. Smart Scanning for Vulnerabilities

Online threats that haunt most businesses include vandalizing of websites that may lead to blacklisting, loopholes, and vulnerabilities that gives the attackers access to sensitive information, malware that can install themselves into systems and steal confidential data.

Organizations need to opt for solutions that can provide automated application scanning combined with manual penetration testing to look for logic flaws in coding and app vulnerability.

2. Look beyond SSL

Even though secure socket layers ensure the safe and encrypted flow of information between a browser and a server, it is not the be-all and end-all of securing the web applications. A website may claim to be secure as they u