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Our Recruiting process: We Hire Character, We Train Skills

The famous phrase "Join our Team!" does not represent our recruiting process. We want you to join our Teracloud family, but we want us to join your professional life! In one way or another, we are changing and innovating in all our processes related to Talent. We are taking a turn in everything related to Talent management and the recruitment and selection process is not far behind.


We break with the traditional interview scheme

Rather, we consider them exchange calls. We do not believe in the positions of "interviewee" and "interviewer". Our main challenge is to be able to transmit our culture to you as much as possible. It is about giving you an overview, that you know where we stand, what we do, and especially how we are. That you know our culture, our way of working and that you can get along, what is a day like in Teracloud? Also, and why not? We consider them as part of a learning process where we as a company and I, as a recruiter, learn from the candidates and from this sector that grows stronger and faster every day.

Can I tell you what the whole process is like? We start with a first contact (which can go from us to you or from you to us) where we coordinate a video call, which we generally do through Meet.

In the call, I will tell you about Teracloud, its history (how it became an AWS Select Consulting Partner), its Team, its ways of working, but above all, and what I think is most important to our culture. I tell you that we are a great team and I make the comparison (so that you can get a closer idea) with a family, eating a Sunday barbecue. That is for us, incredible as it may seem, every day.

Because of COVID and everything that followed, we continue working remotely and evaluating new possibilities to meet again. But in the same way and, working virtually, we stay close. Very close, in the "all hands" every day, where the first 10 minutes we use for small talks, to replace those minutes it took us to prepare coffee or fill the bottle of water in the office.

Also, I tell you that once a month, we attend the “Own It”. A meeting of all Teracloud Teams, DevOps, and Social, where we chat about each other's projects and work. We have spaces designed to provide ideas, make contributions and we take the opportunity to celebrate people! After all our presentations, I ask you to tell me what you are up to? What do you like to do, what do you enjoy, what are your professional expectations and I listen to everything you have to tell me.

If we continue to move forward, it does not take more than 1 week that us coordinate our next call together with our CTO or a member of our Technical Team. There we talked about how the day-to-day of our DevOps is. What are our projects? And EVERYTHING about what we are so passionate about, which is the infinite world of Cloud.

We focus our process on knowing all the candidates that we can

Regardless of the "seniority" as many ask me, what I always tell you is that we are not focused on the famous and recognized seniority but we bet on the learning capacities that each candidate possesses. Their capacities to grow, learn, develop, and above all the desire, motivation, and passion with which they work every day.

We believe that each call we have is a new door that opens for us to meet and have an opportunity to work together. In this process, we make decisions together and we also want you to choose us to grow and learn together!

I invite you to follow us on our Instagram and our Talents profile on LinkedIn. There you will be able to learn even more about our culture! And if you are interested in our opportunities, send us an email to We always have new challenges!


Florencia Sánchez

Talent Manager


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