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The Girls in the Cloud

In any setting, sector, area, groups with greater diversity have been shown to be more innovative and creative.


In this article, we will talk about the good role that women have developed from their authenticity and creativity in Cloud Computing. At Teracloud as AWS Select Consulting Partner and as a company committed to innovation,

we believe that all men or women, we have incredible capabilities to develop any type of project that has to do with the cloud. We share the AWS idea that people of "all colors, genders, beliefs, origins, and communities" work in the Cloud world. Since the future of technology must also be accessible, flexible, and inclusive, diverse as the world.

“It’s not only that diversity and inclusion are good for our business. It’s more fundamental than that – it’s simply right”. Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder and CEO).

We create and believe in a culture of inclusion and advancement of women towards leadership positions. However, we know that there are still various challenges in this area, since there are fields such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, where the sample of the female population is minimal, either due to social stigma or due to the lack of initiatives that promote interest or openness of the female gender.

For this reason, it is important to start including success stories about women who have excelled in these areas with the aim that new generations of girls visualize them as role models. Educate so that they learn to solve problems, but not seek to be perfect.

The societies of the future cannot afford to exclude half of the population in the enormous task of creating prosperous economies based on scientific-technological knowledge, so the immediate application of these and other measures will help boost the development of the sector; in addition to reducing the gender gap that exists. To achieve this, it is necessary that various actors take on this challenge and together participate in creating opportunities that can provide girls with a successful career in this field. Take concrete actions and provide them with resources so that they learn about the cloud and technologies and can use them in their day by day. Demystify and show that technology is transversal.

As a team, we think that there are no specific characteristics that a woman must have to work in Cloud computing, beyond this, it is important to be curious and want to constantly learn; In the Teracloud world, everyone has the same opportunities to learn and enrich their knowledge by training day by day.

In this way, AWS also organizes regular Women in Tech events around the world; Conferences aimed at motivating women IT professionals, sharing the latest trends, and showing them what an AWS career really is like. Although only a small percentage are women, cloud computing and other digital platforms are growing rapidly, giving many women a unique opportunity to enter the space and make their mark.

It's important that we look to the future when we think about supporting women in the tech industry, but that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of great tech professionals doing a great job in the AWS ecosystem right now. At Teracloud for example, we have our amazing DevOps Lu, who is a genius in the field of computer security.

So, although Teracloud is part of a sector that has been developed by the masculine gender, we have open doors for all women who want to develop as DevOps and grow within a company with a visión, in addition to becoming a source of inspiration.

So have no doubt. We need fewer panels of women to talk about women in technology and more women to talk about technology, and by the way, We are hiring!


Liliana Medina

Community Manager


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