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Business advantages of adopting cloud services

Since the internet phenomenon, the business world has not seen a transformation of such an impact as the Cloud. This revolution is offering companies great cost savings, both at the IT and maintenance level, helping them expand worldwide.

The technology that offers cloud computing is the perfect way to get the best business applications up and running, quickly and efficiently. In addition, there is a growing adoption of the cloud as the main infrastructure platform to provide solutions that involve lower risk and meet the needs of different business areas.

Companies should no longer be afraid of adopting this technology. There are many big corporations that provide such services around the world, which are at the forefront of innovation and have a clear idea of the business, for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Achieving quality providers and a cloud model that fits each organization and need, whether big or small, it is essential. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, in Teracloud we are specialists in helping Startups around the world embrace the benefits of this technology.

In this way, it helps a lot to find new business models, management and to undertake new market niches. It enables enterprises to deliver commercial services over the network through software cloud storage, infrastructure, files, and data that will be used by suppliers, customers, distributors, that is to say, by all agents involved in the business process.

Indeed, companies that bet on cloud computing benefit from radical optimization in time management, cost reduction, automation and can scale their organizations efficiently removing barriers and expanding relationships around the world. This is another step towards globalizing business activities.

In the era of “Big data”, companies manage a lot of information that would be virtually impossible to store in its entirety on a computer or external memory, unless an extension was performed on the system from time to time. This expands costs, in addition to not being exempt from possible failures in the computer that destroys the data. Using the space in the cloud, if the computer disk stops working, it would not affect the stored information, which will remain in the cloud and will be fully accessible from any other device.

Having said that, we want to show you some of the advantages of cloud services:

The main advantage for SMEs, if implemented in a public or hybrid cloud, is that they can access IT services that until recently only large companies could afford due to the cost of implementation and maintenance that they supposed. The cloud democratized access to new technologies.

In addition to this, mobility is increasingly important for any professional. Being able to connect from anywhere and through any device, is a fundamental advantage since it allows flexible routines and working schedules. Remote work made it easier for teams to connect offshored: more and more companies have employees located in different cities of the world working together on the same project.

The digital transformation of a business is an important process with many benefits, and migrating to the cloud is the first step. The adoption of the cloud is becoming a reality, as shown by the predictions of the US company that conducts IT research and analysis "Gartner", who said that by 2025 80% of companies will have migrated their data and services from your data centers to the cloud.

Liliana Medina

Community Manager

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