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Companies evaluate all the characteristics of their candidates, giving priority to those who interest them most when they have a vacancy, but also candidates want to find the job that best meets their expectations in a place that attracts them, so they evaluate the qualities of those organizations where they could get to work.


The best places to work are built on the daily relationships that employees experience, and not just through a list of policies and benefits. Building trust, communication, flexibility and teamwork every day are fundamental pillars to feel comfortable and build success.

While it is true that there are people who have always known in which branch they would like to work, there is also another important group of people who wonder why they should do it. Each one works for different reasons and these vary according to our priorities. There are people who prioritize financial stability, while for others the important thing is to gain experience in their professional field, because they have more family expenses or because they want to acquire something special, among other reasons.

So why work at Teracloud? The reasons are endless, but here we will show what we consider to be relevant to us and our employees.

We are an AWS Select Consulting Partner company created by certified experts in the cloud to migrate and implement Startups, companies and everything else in the cloud. We also have a strong commitment to the cloud community, we host the local branch of the AWS user group and meetings in support of education, evangelism and evolution of the IT community. Likewise, as a partner of Amazon Web Services, we have participated in different events such as the Buenos Aires Community Day 2019 as speakers and we are active collaborators and assistance for official AWS meetings and conferences.

But all our virtues at the professional level are not enough, that is why Teracloud is very clear about his values and tries to reflect them in the choice of his human capital. For this reason, with Attitude we face the world and circumstances in a positive way, managing to maintain a favorable relationship and doing an excellent job, trusting in our extensive knowledge and capabilities; thus, we act before a future situation, doing things with the highest quality and at the same time satisfying the customer. Proactivity and Commitment define us, we fulfill what we promise since we have great ideas to achieve our goals, we are partners and we Work as a Team, always ready to learn new things, we are characterized by being Open-minded people, being flexible before our duties and needs.

However, while it is true that a company has its values and objectives well established as we have in Teracloud; It is also true that if it does not adapt to new ways of working, you will not be able to make your employees feel comfortable or committed.

When a person comes to work in a new place, he comes with certain expectations. Perhaps it is a place where you can continue preparing professionally, where you have leaders who know how to guide you, that your work is recognized, or perhaps that they have good benefits.

Talking to our collaborators and knowing what they think about it, we concluded that many of them are satisfied, since they like to work in technology, share knowledge and seek solutions, they feel that the company takes care of them, they feel listened to, valued and above all they have been able to develop as professionals. Here are some of the questions and their answers.

What do you like most about working with us? “I am more than happy to be able to work in a company like Teracloud, but if I have to choose one thing, I think it would be how we take care of our employees, we are always listened to and our effort is valued // The work team. I believe that the relationship between colleagues and the work environment is a fundamental pillar for the success of any company ”.

In what way or in what ways do you feel that you have grown since you entered Teracloud? “On the technical side, I have learned many new tools and have acquired new knowledge. I learned another work methodology, different from where I came from // I grew up quite professionally, especially technically. Although I have only been working with the cloud for 9 months, I learned a lot during this time at Teracloud and I feel very confident in my knowledge. I have also improved my management / communication with clients, something I have never had to do before, but it is something that I have to keep improving”.

In this sense, we like to grow as a family and learn more every day, add experience and form a team that is committed to the company with its short, medium and long-term objectives, in other words, get involved, this is fundamental for us that way we'll always have a clear mission, in this way we try not to put a ceiling on our projects and always go further, that is why we say “feet on the ground and mind on the cloud”; come and live the Teracloud experience, would you like to work with us?

Liliana Medina

Community Manager

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