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A brief review of what was the Community Day online 2020

Community Day events have been held in cities around the world. On August 22, it was held online, due to the situation we are going through worldwide. However, this did not affect this incredible event, where all the community leaders of Latin America come together to present technical debates, workshops, and practical laboratories that bring us closer and closer to the wonders that the AWS Cloud offers.


This provides a user-driven experience with AWS experts and industry leaders from around the world. Where we all acquire new and better knowledge through peer learning, this is very enriching, since it not only looks at the technical aspect of the solutions but also the human aspect that other people contribute when solving their challenges and a plus is that you register for free.

In the past we had the opportunity to participate in the city of Buenos Aires, where the 2019 edition was held, there we had the honor and luck of being with our CTO Damián Olguín who gave a talk on "Automation as a code: From zero to ECS in minutes"; demonstrating the experience that Teracloud has acquired in automation and infrastructure for more than 200 clients.

Keynote presenters for 2020 were Memo Döring (AWS Developer Relations LATAM) who has more than 12 years of experience working for technology companies; Sandy Rodríguez (CEO Certificate at SCRUM) woman leader of the community in Mexico and nothing more than the founder of the Community Ambassadors Cloud; Doris Manrique (Solutions Cloud Engineer, Soluciones Orion) Founder and leader of the AWS Girls Community and passionate about new technologies.

The most relevant topics in this Community Day were, containers and Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Serverless with AWS Lambda + API Gateway, among others. The theme of our CTO Damian Olguín this year was "setting up your own Streaming channel with AWS Media Services + Amplify" in which we had an introduction to AWS Media Services, the project that is being carried out with Amplify and its demonstration.


In this way, 6 hours of knowledge sharing were developed, directly from the leaders of the user community for free and totally in Spanish. There were also raffles for more than 10 scholarships to render certifications and more than 100 promotional credit coupons.

In the same way, we show you the new AWS releases:

1. AWS Controllers for Kubernetes Preview: The AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) is a new tool that lets you define and use AWS service resources directly from Kubernetes.

2. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams announces two new API features to simplify consuming data from Kinesis Streams.

3. Application and classic load balancers are adding defense-in-depth with the introduction of Desync Mitigation mode: Application Load Balancer (ALB) and Classic Load Balancer (CLB) now support HTTP Desync Mitigation Mode and a new feature that protects your application from issues due to HTTP Desync.

As we can see, AWS is constantly innovating and growing to offer a package of services that are necessary to help create sophisticated applications with greater flexibility, scalability, and reliability, which are super important in the DevOps world. At Teracloud as AWS Consulting Partner we love to support customer innovation and we like that the community is connected and we interactively grow and offer improvements to our customers.

If you missed it, all the material is available on the official AWS twitch channel, and individual sessions will be uploaded to the community Twitch channel

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Latam Community Day celebration with more innovation and new services.


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