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How to keep your AWS Keys Safe on your terminal

One of the causes of AWS Keys leaks is configuring your AWS CLI by using the command aws configure; This can lead you to store your credentials in plain text under your home folder.

If you are using Linux or macOS, you may know about the Keychain and D-bus secret service, so let’s combine both things into a secure and robust solution to keep your keys safe.


We will use as the primary tool to automate the keychain unlock, export the values into a subshell, and allow you to use them securely until your process finishes.

  • Clone and install the envchain tool from the sources at Github

  • Create a namespace to store your secure env vars (you can have multiples, one per client, per environment, per project, etc.) envchain --set production \ AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID \ AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY \ AWS_REGION Replace production with the name of your environment / AWS account

  • Start using it by adding the prefix envchain production aws sts get-caller-identity

  • Optional you can get into a subshell by doing this. envchain production bash Remember to close the session to remove your secrets from the env vars.

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