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Let your company live the Live Streaming experience on AWS

Do you remember how many minutes or even hours you had to wait to see a video, a movie, or listen to your favorite song?


Well, that is no longer necessary thanks to the incredible advancement of technology and the appearance of Streaming in our lives, it is no longer necessary to wait for the download of data from the desired file, since we can see it instantly, without delays.

Currently, we enjoy Netflix, Spotify, or any other entertainment platform without saturating our storage media. However, it can be used in different ways, for example in education, business, and general events. This technology will allow you to spread your message without the barriers of distance as long as your viewers have an internet connection.

More than 20 platforms worldwide use streaming and have managed to transmit information and content at a low cost, since it is consumed by demand allowing it not to be difficult to acquire, and thanks to this it is gaining more strength in the marketing strategies of the Business.

This is why Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides its customers with several methods to deliver video content directly and has created Live Streaming on AWS which is part of the combination of AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaPackage with Amazon CloudFront, to create an architecture with a high level of resilience and scalability that distributes its content to everyone. It has several output formats, having greater compatibility of reproduction in different products and clients. You can add support for content protection using DRM (Digital Rights Management) as well as DVR (Digital Video Recorder) features like live rewind and reboot, and live workflows to VOD (video on demand).

AWS Elemental delivers components in a ready-to-use, virtualized, or cloud-based execution, resulting in unmatched flexibility, lower cost, and faster time to market. AWS Elemental Video Solutions are ideal for the following cases:


This AWS service generates dynamic changes incorporate streaming video, according to the Solution Guide: AWS Corporate Streaming Video “Video traffic is forecasted to dominate more than 80% of all global IP traffic by 20221. Recent surveys incorporate streaming - the broadcast of live or on-demand streams from one-to-many across geographies and language boundaries - has proven that consumer and corporate preferences to use video have increased in the past few years to a point at which video is driving business priorities”.

This tool will allow businesses to be much more effective, since business priorities can be promoted, such as company events and keynotes, investments and relationships, product demonstration, customer service, a corporate channel can be created, the employees and members of the company can carry out training and certifications and in the same way, it can generate very good content.

One of the many advantages of having your own streaming platform is that you have control over all aspects of the video, which other platforms like YouTube do not. Similarly, by having your own streaming you have the ability to decide on the advertising you want to show, that is, what product or service is advertised with your content. Likewise, the player can be customized with the entire branding package, corporate color, logo, typography, decide what size your videos will be, they can be shared directly on any social media channel and thus generate more traffic on your website and not to YouTube.

Similarly, the storage of data must be taken into account. If they are stored on YouTube, we have no control over the location of the servers, nor of the treatment given to the data, while with the Live Streaming solution on AWS, the location of the servers is known at all times and this guarantees compliance with security measures, both at the level of data protection and the national security scheme.

This is why at Teracloud we have decided to take on this challenge and offer Live Streaming on AWS within our range of services since we consider that this cloud tool should be part of our business plan. One of the reasons is because the video is deeply embedded in today's connected experience. In other words, we live it day by day, in the office, at home, with our friends. We want to offer solutions that allow our current and future clients to transmit live and on-demand quickly, reliably, securely, and at scale.

Do you have a company that hosts or contributes to e-learning, such as through sales marketing training, webinars, or compliance training? If you want to know how we create a highly resistant and scalable architecture that manages to deliver your company's live video content, contact us. Take advantage of the high-quality streaming features of the Live Streaming solution on AWS.


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