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Serverless Technology became a “utility”

Serverless technology is a concept that we have been hearing for 3 or 4 years, which has been expanding strongly because there are many advantages that it offers to companies that decide to use it and, in the same way, for the main Cloud providers. It is a technology that helps us "forget about server management" and allows us to access a new dimension in the way we work.


"Perhaps we no longer have to think about servers". Werner Vogels, CTO de AWS.

Truth be told, it's not that you don't need servers. The term "Serverless" is more than just a marketing term; what really happens is that you stop using a physical server and stop being managed by a person, it is managed automatically by a cloud provider. So we can say that this model is the evolution of a technology already consolidated in the market, cloud computing, thanks to which Serverless has been possible, helping to improve practices and methods to facilitate the lives of IT professionals.

Likewise, it has allowed cost savings for companies that adopt the cloud, since you pay for what you use, using resources more efficiently since the purchase of hardware is not necessary.

It is important to know that these platforms do not store information, but only execute code, the information is usually found on the servers of the client company or the cloud provider, although in recent years Serverless databases have been developed that streamline application execution. An example of a Serverless service would be an online bank, where thousands of customers place their trust in the system that protects their money and transactions.

This technology is associated with FaaS which stands for Function as a Service, which was created in 2014 by and which has since been developed through projects as important as AWS Lambda among others.

“AWS Lambda is a computer service that allows you to execute code without provisioning or managing servers. AWS Lambda executes the code only when necessary, and scales automatically, going from a few requests a day to thousands per second. Only the time of computing that is consumed is paid; there is no charge while the code is not running. With AWS Lambda, you can run code for virtually any type of backend application or service, and no administration is required. AWS Lambda runs the code on highly available computing infrastructure and runs comprehensive management of computing resources, including server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning, and automatic scaling, as well as monitoring and logging. All you have to do is supply the code in one of the languages ​​that AWS Lambda supports”. Recovered from AWS Lambda: Developer's Guide. 2020 Amazon Web Services, Inc. and/or its affiliates.

In short, Serverless technology has provided a series of interesting advantages and a great help for the development and advancement of companies:

1. Time-saving: Reduces the amount of time necessary to operate the infrastructure, it is no longer necessary to maintain the servers where the programs and applications are installed.

2. Cost reduction: As we said before, you pay for what you use, you only pay for the actual consumption of the infrastructure, not for having the servers turned on all the time.

3. Optimal scaling: It is possible to increase the horizontal scaling capacity dynamically and automatically, that is, the performance of the system is enhanced from an aspect of global improvement.

4. Eliminates server administration: The provider is in charge of managing the infrastructure automatically and scaled.

As we see like other services available in the cloud, Serverless technology can help organizations of all sizes, in all sectors, in all geographic regions. At Teracloud we believe that the greatest advancement in technology will take place in the cloud in the next 5 to 10 years and that this successful development that promises to conquer the entire world is just beginning. Companies are betting on new technologies and generating large investments since computing finally becomes like light or water, a "utility", which is consumed depending on the needs of companies.

Serverless architectures eliminate the heavy lifting, let us manage the heavy business of scale, so you can concentrate on your core business; we focus on big projects built by great people, are you going to miss the Serverless train? surely not.


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