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We decided to see the glass half full, Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021!

The world stopped. Yes, it might be a good way to start to describe it. We don't realize it or maybe we do, but we are writing the story of an unusual year. A year where for the first time in 115 the New York subway was closed. A year where the planes stayed on the ground. A year where humans took refuge in their homes and animals took to the streets. A year where pollution dropped for a while. A year where hugging with a friend or family member turned into an act of madness. A year where a black cloud was seen coming in the distance and ended up covering almost all of us.


Like every year when a new year is about to begin, we do evaluations of the year that closes and projects for the one that begins, we never imagined that our realities were about to change as it happened in 2020, we all thought that this was going to be a great year, But the pandemic caught us by surprise and changed all our customs, especially those that we Argentines have so deeply rooted, we were left without:

  • Meetings with friends

  • No team sports

  • Without leaving home for at least 3 months

  • No kisses, no hugs

  • Without shaking the hand that so much warmth gives to interpersonal relationships

  • Without an office, perhaps one of the hardest things along with the greetings, for not being able to share a place with our colleagues

  • Without the lunches in the office

  • Without the After Office or Admin Birras

  • No meetups/conferences

For some without seeing their families for 9/10 months and the list can go on endlessly, but we also chose to see the full side of the glass, the side of Resilience that our team has, because here we are, here we continue day by day.

We adapt to a New Normal

  • See us and chat 10 minutes before stand up to see how our colleagues are

  • To help us more

  • To make the effort it takes to solve problems even when it belongs to someone else

  • Be there to review a PR or to answer a question

  • To continue training ourselves and do wonders in our homes to render the certifications

  • To take over a small space in the house to turn it into our bunker

  • To put what we have and more, to move forward in our projects

  • To take the projects and return them as their own

  • To share the knowledge

  • To communicate more and better by multiple means

On the way, we lost Colo and then Santi, but that is not why they will stop being TeracClouders, because they are part of this family and are there to help us even when they do not work with us.

This year capicúa will not go unnoticed, that would seem to have already been clear to us. Perhaps in some regions, it is less noticeable than in others. But for the world, something has changed. For all that, and for much more, we continue to choose to see the full side of the glass. We are writing the year, it is important that we are aware of that. And let's learn. Hoping that this global impasse will soon end, meanwhile, history continues to be written.

Thank you for joining us in 2020 and for many more successes in 2021. Happy New Year from all the Teracloud team!


Damian Gitto Olguin



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