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What is a Software deployment and what should we take into account when making it?

In recent years there has been a dramatic change in the market, this has created a digital economy in which companies must take advantage of software to create innovation or face a significant risk of becoming obsolete.

IT organizations have to support an increasing number of applications and as these software portfolios change and grow, it becomes increasingly difficult - to plan, build-test - and deliver these applications. Automating the software delivery process is a very good idea, saves time, allows developers to focus on writing code, and creating useful functions; giving them short feedback loops on the quality of their code while and something important is that it costs less.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that each company has its own methodology that is the best for them. This is so because each application has its details and peculiarities and therefore, the methodology that works for one can be disastrous for another.

This is why it is very important to understand the client's organization as a whole; what the needs are, understand from a technological point of view what it is you want to deliver, what you want to give. For this, in Teracloud we rely on AWS Operational Excellence Pillar (Organization, Prepare, Operate, and Evolve). In this way, we guarantee a successful evolution of operations based on small frequent improvements, which help us to provide a safe environment and give us time to experiment, develop and test improvements, thus we learn from failures. It is important to be clear that the automation effort is not without risks and challenges.

Without a thorough and carefully considered implementation plan, launching an application can be a nightmare. We as software implementation specialists evaluate and assemble your applications for all environments, helping you deliver new technology to end-users without the headache, as this has a certain complexity and requires a process that we call Software Delivery Automation.

What is this? Deployment automation is what enables software to be deployed in test and production environments with the push of a button. Automation is essential to lower the risk of production deployments. It is also necessary to provide quick feedback on the quality of the software, as it enables teams to conduct comprehensive testing as soon as possible after changes.

Our software implementation specialists have cultivated an efficient continuous delivery process that emphasizes extensive and automated testing before integrating or implementing any code. We establish an organized central code repository with comprehensive version control and rollback processes that help us detect code errors and deploy iterations faster.

Helping organizations solve the complex problem of continuous delivery of high-quality software and closing the gap between Devs and Ops, version control and deployment automation enable teams to gain control with actionable insights to track versions from start-up to production.

Any organization that needs to implement applications quickly and efficiently can benefit from different tools and must follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process step by step.