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We tend to have the wrong image of technological advances, we believe that at some point our chair will be stolen in our workplace, we see artificial intelligence as a threat, not only for our jobs but for humanity as such, the movies have been in charge of dramatizing it, instilling a certain distrust and suspicion regarding this issue.

But in the day to day, in the routine of our jobs, Automation powered by artificial intelligence offers many more advantages than threats. We can imagine a future where automation better works for IT teams, rather than being replaced. These advances can be seen as a support to hold hands and move forward.

With the changes we are experiencing worldwide due to the health crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many companies in the technology sector that have been affected in their productivity, as demand has increased. IT employees typically spend a lot of time on maintenance tasks that need to be automated to meet today's demands. So it doesn't mean that automation is going to steal jobs, but that it is going to help carry the load and free up time, which can be used for greater benefits for the organization, that is, IT professionals focus on projects and develop with a vision of the future in an era that is increasingly digital.

Automating worldly tasks helps with knowledge-based work. Likewise, it is possible to offer more options for customers, reduce response times, have significant scope and consistency in processes. Automation said in another way can save you up to three hours of work a day and if we coincide the time is worth, that is to say, you are also saving money.

This means that if your company decides to move to the cloud, one of the greatest benefits is the opportunity to reduce operating and labor costs and one of the most important elements is automation.

Watch the video and learn about the advantages of Automation in the Cloud

Automation can be as simple as turning on a light when I enter a room or boiling a kettle in the morning when I get up. Automation is fantastic. Focusing on automation helps deliver financial, security, and innovation aids to a company and its teams. Pipelines let you control how changes are implemented and in what environments, keeping things safe and costs low when it comes to rollback changes if something goes wrong. There is a lot of revenue that could be lost if a manual production disturbance caused the application to crash. If we look at it from the innovation side, automation allows the team to work in a more exciting and challenging way.

Automation is essential to work successfully and keep up with the pace of change in the cloud, you should never think that automation will steal our work or affect the development of our work or the growth of our company, on the contrary, it is what drives better availability, is to create a much greater benefit for less effort. It's something that should be at the top of companies' list of IT priorities. Contact us and we will solve your doubts and we will help you to solve the problems that appear to you.

Liliana Medina

Community Manager


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