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Digital Nomads, Independent Location

We were forced to work from home by the pandemic. For some time now, our living room has become an office, the dining room table, a desk, and surely some room into a virtual meeting room. This new normal is a way of understanding the world and the relationship between the personal and professional spheres.

Remote work has become something that many of us love, it is the time of digital nomads and even more so now that technological advances allow us to broaden our horizons and work from anywhere in the world; many companies give their employees the freedom to move without having a fixed place and having the possibility of seeing incredible places, the only requirement is to be well equipped.

You must take into account the following recommendations and tools to be able to do a good job and avoid headaches.

  • Laptop

  • External hard drive and storage

  • Powerbank

  • Online platforms

  • Power adapter

Today, with how advanced the Internet is, with how globalized everything is, almost any skill we have, can be exercised from anywhere in the world, remotely.

Are you good at drawing? Are you good at programming? Today almost everyone needs a website and those who don't need their maintenance why not, a redesign?

Currently, many digital jobs are highly valued and in great demand, especially those that have to do with technology, such as:

  • Software developer: a web developer has a variety of possibilities to work online and be a digital nomad, be it front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer.

  • Cloud architects: they manage the infrastructure and services in the cloud of a company creating platforms and storage solutions over the Internet.

  • Business intelligence analyst: business intelligence transforms data into information to optimize company profitability and analyze market trends.

  • Cybersecurity Specialists: These professionals are in charge of data, network, information, and cloud security to protect companies and users in their daily operations.

  • Machine learning specialist: machine learning engineers work in this branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for computers to identify complex patterns among millions of data through algorithms.

  • Blockchain developers: Blockchain experts allow transactions to be carried out reliably and securely, without the need for an intermediary, and represent an opportunity for companies to seek new business opportunities.

In short, thanks to the Internet and the pandemic situation, a new conception of more independent and free work, where the essential thing is to work for objectives and not so much in the number of hours spent sitting in the office, having the option to do so from anywhere and feel better. More than a working modality, it is a way of life that brings interesting benefits and is an increasingly common trend in different countries thanks to the possibilities offered by digital tools.

Our DevOps team is made up of people who have different nationalities and are located in different parts. Through good communication, clear objectives, and a joint vision, we function very well and every day we grow more without placing location barriers, always immersed in the wonderful adventure of the cloud world.

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